Through my work, I explore relationships between the past, present, and future tenses. My focus on the past is derived from various perspectives, such as evolutionary biology, cosmology, astrophysics, as well as religious mythology. I ground myself in the present through research, and contemplation of the many scientific discoveries in previous decades which influence current conceptions of reality. Rather than “looking forward” into the future, implying a misguided linear construct of reality as largely perceived today, my work facilitates perception of space and time that is all encompassing, reflecting the present as a window into past and future tenses which simultaneously exist. In this context, knowledge remains shrouded in mystery and left to the imagination. My painted figures and objects achieve a multidimensionality, suggesting the possibility of a reality in which all outcomes occur simultaneously. As I paint, I allow my hands to wander while I muse on the delightful absurdity of reality itself, and with my brush, I embrace all possibilities.

Marcie is proudly from Edmonton, Alberta. She lives and works in Metro Vancouver with her family, where she is currently a mature student at Emily Carr University, an RN, and the founder of Nepal Children’s Foundation, formerly known as the Friends of Bandipur Collective. She tries her best to keep out of trouble.