Through my work, I explore relationships between real and imaginary worlds, and dimensions of time. My focus on the past comes from my interest in evolutionary biology, cosmology, astrophysics, psychology, as well as my spiritual practices. I ground myself in the present through awareness of breath, prayer, and contemplation of scientific discoveries. Rather than looking forward to the future, implying a linear construct of reality, my work facilitates perception of space and time that is all encompassing, reflecting the present as a window into a world where dimensions of time simultaneously exist: past, present, and future. As I paint, I allow my hands to wander while I muse on the delightful absurdity of reality itself, and with my brush, I embrace all possibilities.


I have been drawing and creating as long as I can remember. In high school, I fell in love with painting and was awarded for academic distinction in the arts. It was in 2003 that I began exhibiting my work in the Edmonton area at community art shows such as the Edmonton Art Walk. I went into Nursing in 2004, but continued to paint in my spare time. In 2005, I exhibited at Harvest Moon festival as the featured artist. In 2007 my work was featured on the cover of Notebook Magazine. My first solo exhibition was at the Portal Gallery in 2008. Since then, I have participated in collective exhibitions such as The Fine Art of Schmoozy with Latitude 53, the Royal Bison Craft fair, the Works Festival, the Stollery Gallery, and the Harmony Arts Festival. My work was exhibited as the first solo exhibition when the Bleeding Heart Art Space opened in 2014. My most recent solo exhibition was at Harcourt House’s Front Gallery in 2016. I am grateful to collectors who continue to support my practice. I am currently a mature student at Emily Carr University, and I live in New Westminster with my family.